Behavior Tracking


What does the app do?
This app provides parents, therapists, teachers and caregivers the ability to track self-injurious behaviors and aggression displayed by those with autism or other behavioral issues.
Is the app customizable?
Yes, each version of the app is customized to your needs tracking the behaviors you request.
Can I demo the app?
Yes click here and use the user name: demo and password: password (no caps)
What if I have a technical issue?
Contact us via the website or call (843) 227-0619 for support.
How much does the app cost.
The app costs $15 per month with a one year subscription required. You will be billed monthly after that.
How do reports work?
Simply set the parameters in the software (behaviors and date range) and click download. The reports open in excel.
Is my data secure?
Yes, all data is secured with password encryption and the database and website are secured with a security certificate. We do not keep personal data in this database. Users and passwords are not associated with your personal data.
Does our service back up the data?
Yes, the data is backed up nightly and 7 days of data are kept incase we need to restore your information.
When I no longer need your services what happens to my data?
When you are done with our services your data is disposed and can not be recovered.
Is it possible that my data gets hacked?
The most likely way to hack our system is if someone gets your password. We use complex passwords that can not be cracked in your lifetime, but we can not control what happens to your devices. Please keep your information secure. Please consult an expert in your area to find out more.
Do you offer institutional pricing and services?
Yes, if you are an institution and are interested in our services, please call us to receive a custom quote. (843) 227-0619
I still have questions, can I contact you?
Yes, contact us via the website or call (843) 227-0619 for support.